EdTech Startup Mokusei Intelligence seeks Partners, Collaborators, and Reviewers for its Upcoming Pilot Program.

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Mokusei is developing its app – vallued.ai – and seeks good collaborators. The Company is also on the lookout for journalists who can review www.vallued.ai.

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BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, March 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mokusei Intelligence has announced that it is actively seeking partners and collaborators, especially from the education and travel sector or industry. The Company said that its ideal partner would be an entity or individual with an active network of young people, and one that is open to experimentation or exploration. The newly launched startup expressed a clear preference for partnering with young for-profit startups, non-profits or not-for-profits, and educators. A couple of such partnerships, the company said, are already in the pipeline.

In a statement, Ashish Bohora, founder of Mokusei Intelligence said, “We will be happy to partner or collaborate with entities bigger and larger than us. These entities, though, must be open to working with a startup that is still learning and growing as it evolves. Mokusei is a company that values people, ethics, and integrity more than profits. The entities should be able to adapt themselves to unpredictable, dynamic situations where real-time improvisation is needed as necessary for the pilot program or partnership projects.”

The Company said that it needs to finalize partnerships before March 31, 2021, to incorporate process changes and updates into tech development for its upcoming flagship assessment app platform – vallued.ai. This planning is required so that the vallued.ai app can be redesigned in sync with the partnership or collaboration needs & arrangements.

Mokusei emphasized that its partners need not be Indian entities alone. They can be international entities also and can be based out of any part of the world. All relevant entities are most welcome to reach out to Mokusei for partnerships and collaborations as long as they are official and legally established.

“Individuals or entities interested in partnering with Mokusei are requested to visit https://www.vallued.ai/about The website can get tricky and confusing to understand. This design is purposeful and intentional, however. It is meant to be understood over multiple visits – akin to a journey of exploration and discovery. It has been designed to pique the curiosity of visitors and to get them thinking. These individuals or entities may feel free to reach out to Mokusei directly in case they have any questions, doubts, or queries,” said Ashish Bohora.

“Interested partners are requested to read up on basic info about Mokusei, and try their best to understand more about vallued.ai when they reach out to discuss partnership or collaboration opportunities. Mokusei would love to hear from them, in fact, if they already have ideas and proposals for partnerships in mind where Mokusei might be able to help them out and play the role of a progressive, reliable, equal partner,” Bohora added.

Meanwhile, immediately after the announcement of the ‘$500 Press Challenge’, Mokusei Intelligence also announced that it is actively seeking journalists and members of the press from the print, electronic and digital media as reviewers for its website and pilot program. It would be ideal to have journalists and press member reviewers who have international contacts and press networks, and who can introduce these networks to vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence in case any of Mokusei’s challenges, open positions, reviewer requirements turn out useful or be of any help to the individuals within those networks. Although this requirement is highly desirable, it is not mandatory. The reviewer must, in that case, publish their review to international audiences as well – in a translated version if need be so the voice and words reach all those people who could use Mokusei’s funding support and would be interested in becoming BETA Testers with Mokusei.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit, explore, and understand https://www.vallued.ai/ so they can review it later. It would be great to see these individuals spread the word about vallued.ai and Mokusei’s innovative approach for sponsoring education or travel for ‘Fund Seekers’.

The Company had initially planned to shortlist reviews and opinion pieces about www.vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence from the first 36 journalists, press members, or reviewers who proactively reach out to, and approach, Mokusei Intelligence. This shortlist has now been extended & widened to include the first 100 journalists or press members who reach out, explore, and understand more about valued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence so they may write and share reviews and opinion pieces worldwide for a global, or specific but international, audience.

The company has taken this decision to accommodate the talent of multiple journalists and press reviewers from all over the world. Writers and journalists interested in helping Mokusei with reviews and honest opinion pieces can reach out and connect with Ashish Bohora directly to get their questions, queries, and doubts addressed as they come along. Ashish has profiles that can be found on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Journalists and members of the Press can also apply to the ‘$500 Press Challenge’ which has a submission deadline until 31 March, 2021, if it interests them and captures their interest.

For more details, please access the company’s press releases on https://www.vallued.ai/news – and check the following link:

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