Seamlessly Manage Your Crisis Negotiations

Intrepid Networks Negotiation Management  Solution

Intrepid Networks Negotiation Management Solution

This platform streamlines our crisis negotiations and dramatically improves the way we conduct operations.”

— Orlando Police Department CNT Lieutenant

ORLANDO, FL, USA, March 9, 2021 / — Intrepid Networks, the leader in mobile situational awareness applications, introduced the Intrepid Negotiate web application, a first of its kind solution developed specifically for crisis negotiations teams to accelerate and streamline operations.

Intrepid Negotiate is a web-based platform that empowers negotiation teams to efficiently manage intel requests, subjects, and hostages from a single application.

No more sticky notes that get lost or accidentally erased whiteboards! Intrepid Negotiate streamlines all intelligence gathering for your analysts and allows smartly organized data to be shared quickly within the team via a uniquely customizable dashboard. Build robust subject and hostage profiles and assign, manage, and verify all intel requests with continuous supervisory oversight throughout the process. View location, personnel, user roles, call lists, and a log that records all actions performed in the system.

Negotiate was designed and developed in coordination with the Orlando Police Department Crisis Negotiation Team. We combined the team’s best practices and experiences from the “Pulse Nightclub” and other incidents to create a platform that organizes intelligence gathering and puts all analysts and negotiators on the same page, bringing a quicker and safer resolution to crisis situations.

“This negotiation solution is the first of its kind in the marketplace and will enable Crisis Negotiating Teams to organize and process information quicker and more efficiently,” said Bruce Dowlen, Intrepid Networks Marketing Director.

See how Negotiate can help your team.

Pair Negotiate with our Wireless Throw Phone kit and our Response situational awareness app for a complete end-to-end solution for crisis negotiations.

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