Synzi Obtains Advanced Healthcare Security Measures for Patient Communications through Covax Data

TUCSON, AZ, USA, March 4, 2021 / — Covax Data, Inc., a visionary cybersecurity SaaS provider, today announced a data security services relationship with Synzi, LLC. Synzi, based in St Petersburg, FL, is a leader in the virtual care/telehealth technology sector. Covax Data’s Polymer data security and control platform will serve to differentiate Synzi’s virtual care and patient communication platform by strengthening a core requirement of any healthcare technology, data security. This relationship will further distinguish Synzi as a leader in the space, not only with a powerful, secure platform, but as a thought leader continually recognizing their customers’ needs and innovating to deliver on those needs. Healthcare is an industry rich in sensitive data – making it both highly regulated and highly targeted – and Synzi understands that providers need to stay focused on the most crucial aspect of the industry – patient outcomes.

Virtual care, telehealth, and other remote health environments are the latest transformative shift in the healthcare space. Unfortunately, this also makes health data more vulnerable and makes the Polymer platform a great differentiator and value to Synzi and its healthcare communication solutions.

“Covax Data is excited by the opportunity to implement our Polymer data security software with a company like Synzi,” stated Bill Caple, Co-CEO of Covax Data. “Both Synzi and Covax Data share a customer-focused ideology and a forward-thinking holistic approach to problem-solving. And the healthcare field is one of the most important data-rich sectors where data integrity, control, and security are paramount. The Synzi relationship launches Covax Data’s important presence in the healthcare arena and also enhances the Polymer platform to provide actionable intelligence into deployment models and threat vectors in healthcare.”

“Synzi’s mission is to deliver technology to the healthcare industry that drives better access of care to patients through the most advanced communication platform,” said Brain Lichtlin, CTO of Synzi. “Paramount to that mission is the assurance that data accessed through our platform is secure and managed in compliance with significant healthcare regulations. The Polymer solution provides unrivaled data security and transparency with its unique protections and blockchain-based chain of custody, especially for healthcare data in virtual environments.”

About Covax Data, Inc.

Covax Data is committed to delivering holistic solutions to complex problems. We leverage the latest technologies to create data-centric solutions that optimize the true value of data – its usefulness. We take a unique and thoughtful approach that is designed around our customers’ needs, requiring minimal change to business processes and workflow. At Covax Data, we strive to make technology that works for you – powerful, pragmatic, and complete. For more information, visit

About Synzi

Synzi is a technology company that drives better patient access to care with a state-of-the-art communication platform. Its HIPAA-compliant virtual care and remote patient monitoring platforms enable organizations to conduct virtual visits and use secure messaging, text, and email for clinician-to-patient and clinician-to-clinician communications. Multiple participants can be included in virtual visits including medically-certified interpreters, referring physicians, and family caregivers. The assessments feature allows administrators to create, send, and conduct patient assessments on a regular basis. With dashboard reporting, organizations gain insight into patients’ progress to help identify the need for immediate intervention or changes in plans of care. Synzi creates valuable connections and enhances effective care, while bringing convenience and peace of mind to patients and family caregivers. The company helps enable better performance for healthcare organizations, better access for patients, and better outcomes for all. For more information, visit

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