New Radio Zindagi Talk Show to be Hosted by Droisys Founder & Chairman Sanjiv Goyal

A picture of Sanjiv is shown with the words Confessions of a Futurist, along with a logo of Radio Zindagi.

Sanjiv Goyal hosts new radio format, Confessions of a Futurist.

Sanjiv Goyal is set to host a new talk show program on the nationally syndicated Radio Zindagi radio station.

Let’s discuss three traits of the meta entrepreneur.”

— Sanjiv Goyal

SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, March 1, 2021 / — Radio Zindagi announces the release ‘Confessions of a Futurist’ with Droisys Chairman – and newly minted radio host – Sanjiv Goyal, starting this Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 3:30 pm Pacific Time.

During the Wednesday afternoon talk show, Sanjiv Goyal will discuss a variety of topics, such as innovation and opportunities brought about through diversity. Each weekly episode will feature trailblazers, mavericks, and mega entrepreneurs, bringing and making accessible exclusive insights about the topic of innovation in our daily lives.

When asked about his concept for the radio show, Sanjiv Goyal stated that he will “present current trends and future opportunities, discuss innovation frameworks, and talk about how adversity can become both your guide and biggest opportunity.” Goyal also provided a call to action, “Let’s discuss three traits of the meta entrepreneur.”

Radio Zindagi and Sanjiv Goyal welcome listeners across the country to tune for the first episode of the series, where Goyal and special guest Naveen Jain will discuss the latest in health innovation and living illness-free. Naveen Jain is a microbiome expert and CEO of Moon Express.

Sanjiv Goyal is the founder and chairman of Droisys. Recently, Sanjiv Goyal received the prestigious honor of a Life Fellowship from IIT Alumni last year, in 2020. He is also an angel investor, digital marketing expert, and PanIIT USA Board Member. In December of 2020, Sanjiv Goyal also served as the Chair of IIT2020, where he provided the opening keynote at the world’s largest virtual conference of 2020 and introduced India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Confession of the Futurist will certainly mark the first of its kind for Droisys.

Droisys Inc is a global software development and innovation company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Las Vegas, New York, and India. Droisys provides full-service software development, identifying opportunities and building complex digital transformation strategies. Droisys specializes in AI and machine learning to develop app prototypes and full-scale solutions as well as business development strategy to maximize efficiency and ensure value for partners.

Radio Zindagi is a franchised radio format is the largest South Asian radio format in North America and had its beginnings with KZDG in California starting in 2011. It currently broadcasts in California, New York, and the Washington DC metro areas.

Tune in to Confessions of the Futurist through the Radio Zindagi website or mobile app. For the mobile app, listeners across the country can select ‘Bay Area’ as the desired station to tune in every Wednesday at 3:30 pm Pacific Time.

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