Announces First Scholarship Recipient in 2021—Logan Kocka

Logan Kocka, Scholarship Recipient

Logan Kocka, Scholarship Recipient

Nonprofit helps remove barriers with scholarships and mentoring for young women pursuing education in science, tech, engineering, arts, and mathematics

I’m very much invested in using the engineering skillset to solve global problems and improve sustainability of our communities.”

— Logan Kocka, Scholarship Recipient majoring in Biomedical Engineering

DES MOINES, IOWA, USA, February 19, 2021 / — Aspire2STEAM company officials have plans in 2021 to award at least 21 scholarships to young women and girls pursuing STEAM education. “It’s shocking how many young women and girls had to defer their educational goals due to the Coronavirus,” said Cheryl O’Donoghue, CEO and Co-Founder, “The financial and opportunity barriers they face are great and that’s why we launched our “21 in ‘21” Annual Campaign to help close the gap.”

Logan Kocka, a third-year student at Miami University, Ohio, is the first to be awarded an Aspire2STEAM scholarship in 2021. She’s majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a specialty in bioinformatics. Logan works year around to help pay down her school loan burden. “Every opportunity I have ever had is because of scholarships and financial aid,” said Logan. “Investments in young people create hopeful futures. Education is the way forward, but it must be inclusive and equitable for all.”

“Logan’s story is like so many other young women pursuing STEAM careers,” said Cheryl. “She’s an excellent student, gets involved in and excels in her extracurriculars (such as national and international hackathons and math competitions), holds a part-time job and still struggles to make ends meet and to gain opportunities often afforded to young men. She’s taking responsibility for her future, and our donors want to be a part of her success.”

Logan is passionate about genomics and bioinformatics applied to developing the practice of personalized medicine—the idea that we can make whole genome sequencing so affordable and efficient that every person getting a diagnosis or prescription drug can have their genes analyzed to assist in their diagnosis and treatment. Logan shared, “So much can be done with genetics and the industry is growing rapidly. I’m very much invested in using the engineering skillset to solve global problems and improve sustainability of our communities.”

Aspire2STEAM awards scholarships throughout the year and will be making additional announcements in the weeks to come. The nonprofit awards three different categories of STEAM-related scholarships—1) scholarships for special training (including afterschool and summer programs), 2) scholarships for certification programs (including health sciences, technology, electro-mechanical, among many other STEAM-focused certifications) and 3) scholarships for college (2-year and 4- year) education. Multiple scholarships may be awarded in each category. Scholarships range from $500 to $1,000 and are awarded throughout the year. Learn more about and apply for a scholarship online today.

About Aspire2STEAM… (formerly known as Mission Sisters Who Work) is in its fourth year of operation and was founded on the belief that when you give young women and girls access to an education and mentoring to become self-empowered, you lift them up, those around them…and ultimately the world. Donations fund scholarships for young women and girls experiencing financial and opportunity barriers as they complete their STEAM-related education. Also, 100 percent of all royalties earned from books written by co-founder and CEO, Cheryl O’Donoghue, are donated to Aspire2STEAM, including How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, How to Be a Woman in Technology and How to Be a Woman in Business. Buy a book on Amazon and/or donate now at Your kindness is a catalyst for change and empowerment for the young women and girls we serve.

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