Adam Katz Google: How A Creative Team Can Thrive Working Remotely

NEW YORK , NY, UNITED STATES , February 16, 2021 / — More people are working from home than ever before, largely in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many companies are finding this arrangement works very well for both management and employees particularly in the creative industry. The question is how do you continue the collaboration between employees, management, and individual teams on various projects while everyone is safely in their own homes? Adam Katz Google, a creative director, and designer based in New York, New York, specializes in developing new ideas and new brands to help companies build upon their successes and evolve over time. In the past, Adam Katz Google has taught classes at the School of Visual Arts MFA Design program and at the Cornell Tech MBA program. Adam Katz Google is now sharing his ideas on how to keep your teams at their optimum best and increase creativity while continuing to promote successful production of the company as a whole.

Adam Katz Google said that Microsoft Teams or equivalent teams platforms have become an integral part of the process of collaboration between many employees and their bosses while working from their own home offices. Adam Katz Google said that this process is allowing companies to continue growing and keeping them from failing and without Microsoft Teams, this would not be possible. He schedules regular face-to-face check-ins and work sessions to promote team building.

Adam Katz said that there are several features of Microsoft Teams that are not well-known. One of those is the ability to forward emails into a channel.
One of these lesser-known features is forwarding your email messages into a channel. Adam Katz Google said that since we rely very heavily on communicating through emails, Microsoft Teams provides an easy path to forward your emails from your Outlook email program to a certain channel. It is simple, quick, and user-friendly.

Adam Katz Google also touts the benefits of customizing your notifications by belonging to several channels. According to Adam Katz Google, this stops unwanted interruptions when you are holding a meeting with others. If you belong to multiple channels, you can easily customize your notifications. He said you can also chat in Microsoft Teams with anyone in your organization, even if they are not part of your team, and you can invite guests into a chat through their Outlook email account.

Adam Katz Google also points out that since many companies are now operating globally, Microsoft Teams allows you to break down any language barriers that occur by being able to translate any language instantly. You simply highlight the message then click translate. You can then select the language option you need to facilitate the conversation.

Adam Katz Google also stresses that Microsoft Teams also has an option to keep the workday from being boring and stale by providing a tool to create your own GIFS that can be used to boost the morale of your employees.

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