Lynch LLP Is Your One-Stop Shop for Building a Robust Intellectual Property Portfolio

Lynch LLP firm’s portfolio of work covers intellectual property litigation and patent development (registering patents, trademarks, and copyrights).

Protect your hard work. Whether you’re an established corporation or a new startup, the attorneys at Lynch LLP will help you safeguard your business with patent, trademark, and copyright registration.”

— Sean Lynch, Partner

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, USA, February 15, 2021 / — Lynch LLP is a family-run law firm with hometown values and global experience. From startups to established multi-nationals, we help companies develop valuable intellectual property portfolios. Every client is different, and every strategy is different. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals without worrying about how you’re going to protect yourself.

The partners’ work at Lynch LLP spans across technological fields, reflecting both their mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds, as well as their diverse legal experience. Representative Lynch LLP matters cover intellectual property litigation and patent portfolio development, including the registration of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Lynch LLP helps clients large and small protect their inventions across a wide range of practice areas. We have specialized expertise in a wide range of technical fields and focus our practice on providing strategic guidance and services including patent prosecution as well as strategic patent counseling. We also have experience with clearance searching, prior art searching, product licensing, as well as litigation and enforcement of patent and other intellectual property rights.

Patent attorneys at Lynch LLP have focused technical backgrounds that give us the breadth of scientific knowledge to write patent applications that not only capture a new and novel invention, but that also create an umbrella of coverage extending beyond the exact confines of the invention. We combine our experience as patent attorneys with our experience with patent litigation to prepare and file patent applications of all types that are created to withstand scrutiny and to maximize enforceability. Our expertise extends into negotiating and drafting licensing agreements.

We have experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of proceedings before courts and the USPTO, crafting patent strategies that complement and further our clients’ business interests.

We have experience filing utility patents and design patents to protect all aspects of your invention. Some areas that represent the breadth our work include:

• Medical devices
• Toys, board games, video games
• Machine learning and artificial intelligence
• Energy storage systems
• Off-road equipment and accessories
• User interfaces
• Beauty and cosmetics
• Online streaming services

Establishing branding is one of the most important parts of launching your business. Don’t take your chances with a filing service that will leave you with a rejected trademark and no idea what to do next. Lynch LLP attorneys have years of experience filing trademark applications. We conduct an availability search and registerability analysis before filing any new mark to give you an idea of how likely we believe it is that your mark will move smoothly to registration. If it looks like the branding you want isn’t available, no big deal—we’ll do an additional search free of charge.

Unlike what you get when you pay a filing service to do a search, we have the training and experience to actually interpret the results of a search in view of the relevant test for likelihood of confusion. We’ll save you money in the long run by avoiding many potential obstacles to registration before we even submit the application.

Lynch LLP attorneys have worked with businesses large and small to establish foreign and domestic branding. There’s no one-size-fits-all option for trademark preparation and filing, and we’re committed to learning about our clients’ businesses and needs before we file any application. We want to ensure we’re not only looking at today’s needs but at the next 5–10 years of your business, too.
Not every business needs a patent, but every business needs to establish its branding. We can help.

Owning a copyright can be as simple as creating something new. But as with any area of law, the devil is in the details. Lynch LLP can help you register your rights so when the time comes, you’ll be able to enforce those rights. Registering a copyright can be a small task, but what to do when someone steals your work is anything but. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright disputes, acting as fierce advocates for our clients’ interests. Whether you’re being unfairly targeted and need to assert a fair use defense, or you’ve identified a person or business stealing your work, we can help.

If your work has been stolen, ask us about a contingency agreement. Not every case can be taken on contingency, but copyright cases often lend themselves to this type of arrangement, and we are happy to explore different representation options.

About Lynch LLP

Lynch LLP is located in Southern California, with the ability to make personal visits to clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Diego. We specialize in intellectual property matters—patents, trademarks, and copyrights—working with clients ranging from start-ups to multinational organizations. No matter your needs, we can help you achieve your goals and grow your business with confidence.

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