Searide X000: The first fully carbon-neutral and autonomous luxury catamaran set to launch in May 2021

LONDON, UK, February 10, 2021 / — Luxury meets carbon-neutral technology, as London-based luxury catamaran company, Searide International setting to launch X000 in May 2021, with two additional units already in advanced production.

Searide International, United Kingdom, has recently announced that it will be releasing the world’s first full carbon-neutral and all autonomous luxury catamaran and is set for launch in May 2021. The luxury catamaran will feature the latest in solar, wind, and hydraulic power generation, with two units currently passing through advanced production and eight more models set for later release in the year.

The Searide X000 will be the first luxurious and fully carbon-neutral catamaran of its kind, as the design team from Searide International and M1 Abrams Power shipyard are working countless hours and days to have the X000 ready for launch in May. The X000 will host a variety of complex and advanced engineering features, powered by two electric engines and carrying specially design battery banks design by Searing International. In collaboration with renowned manufacturer Navico (B&G Sailing System), the X000 will have additional wind-sailing capabilities, operating in semi-auto pilot, or autonomous mode.

A spokesperson who’s currently working on the project with Searide International has shared that, ‘based on the high demand for electric vehicles, and the move to cleaner and greener energy, the X000 is a first of its kinds, boasting with the latest in marine navigation technologies, automated sailing elements and designed with “Anti-COVID” nanotechnology to ensure safe and hyper-clean sailing environments for both passengers and crew.”

The reinforced superstructure will now become the benchmark for future projects, as designers and engineers have managed to capture a host of new and advanced technological features within its capabilities. A variety of carefully selected design elements were implemented to ensure maximum safety and optimal navigation behavior during cruises. The catamaran is set to generate up to 40Kw/h via its solar panels, has two electric engines with a capacity of 500Kw, and will come fully equipped with the latest artificial intelligence systems to control, manage, and optimize its operations. Additionally, there has been a strong focus on heightened hygiene protocols, as “Anti-COVID” technology has been implemented to assist with HEPA Filters, anti-virus ozone, and ultraviolet cleaners. Because this luxury cruiser will come equipped with autonomous technology, it can also produce 2,000 liters of desalinated drinking water.

With the urgency around national governments and environmental agencies to safeguard and curb the devastating effects caused by global warming, a push for greener, more environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as electric vehicles and now more recently, the X000 will become more apparent in the coming decades.

‘We focused our attention to both the needs of our clients and that of the environment. As we enter a new age of extreme hygiene protocols, and a stronger focus on greener, more efficient energy – the X000 was born from innovation and evolution. Luxury can also be eco-consciousness, and that’s why we fused these two elements,’ tells the spokesperson.

More about Searide X000 and Searide International

As already mentioned, the Searide X000 will become a world-class experience in both luxury and technology. The 500 sq meter catamaran will have modern and luxury living conditions, boasting five spacious suites, fully equipped bathrooms and two crew cabins, diving equipment, kitchen, lounge, dining room, open deck space, and a private solarium beach.

The “Anti-COVID” features were inspired by hygiene protocols from intensive care units from German health care agencies. Engineers for the project provided artificial intelligence systems, that are both wireless, contactless, and voice operated. More so, 5G technology and infrared cameras have been installed in all rooms, allowing passengers and crew to control and operate the catamaran from any mobile or electronic device.

Searide International is a UK-based company and has managed to draw in potential clients, ensuring buyers that the first 10 units will be offered as a “co-ownership” and includes the necessary services within the buying agreement. The first two models, X001 and X002 are scheduled to launch in May 2021, with the company already busy designing and manufacturing eight more units, offering models in 16-, 20-, and 24-meter lengths.

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