Giveback Day: Reuben Russell’s Winning Strategy For Inner-City Success

Reuben Russell Leads Russell Management Group

HUNTSVILLE, AL, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2021 / — Russell Management Group, LLC, led by CEO Reuben Russell of Birmingham, has announced its annual GiveBack Day. Reuben Russell of Birmingham, and company volunteers at RMG (Russell Management Group) join with the Huntsville Inner City Church of Christ, for this annual event. The festive atmosphere engages volunteers from the church and RMG, providing inner-city residents with food, clothes, and various home goods. All items are free. Participants are welcome to enjoy a cookout, meet church members, and take part in the giveaway.

Reuben Russell Looks to Inspire other Business Leaders
The Russell Management Group provides consulting services for businesses. Reuben Russell Birmingham also advises companies based on RMG’s nonprofit success stories. Reuben Russell Birmingham’s business, RMG, has practical, wide-ranging experience with conducting charitable events. Reuben and RMG actively engage in mentoring, 2K walks, company volunteer days, and sporting tournaments, raising funds for scholarships and those in need.

Reuben Russell of Birmingham Supports Inner-City Youth
Reuben Russell Birmingham is passionate about helping inner-city youth. Partnering with the Inner-City Church of Christ mentorship program, Reuben engages with adolescent children. Leadership, strong principles, and integrity are examples of character-building lessons presented to youth. Reuben encourages parents to get engaged. Reuben employs effective good-will strategies with the support of local schools and the Huntsville Church of Christ. The program invites parents to participate and promotes inner-city youth to reach higher academic goals and improve life skills.

Huntsville Businesses Recognize Reuben Russell
CEO Reuben Russell’s dedication to inner-city youth and the underprivileged has earned him recognition. The Small Business Association listed him as an Emerging Leader. Reuben is also a member of Huntsville’s Committee of 100 and a respected member of Alabama’s Business Council. Reuben Russell Birmingham brings 20 years of project management experience to customers.

Reuben Russell Leads Russell Management Group
Russell Management Group is a group of results-driven professionals and application developers providing strategic enterprise solutions. RMG works with executives and personnel, improving standards, enhancing workflow, and tracking deliverables. Its applications team is proficient in designing web-based services. Reuben Russell Birmingham and RMG are engaged in the Huntsville Community, providing philanthropic events for inner-city youth and the disadvantaged.

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