Hotel Kämp focuses on world-class quality and security – payment card security verified by Nixu

Nixu Corporation, Press release, January 26, 2021 at 9.00 AM EET

Hotel Kämp, located in Helsinki, is now compliant with the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), cementing its position as one of the pioneers of payment card security in the hospitality industry in Europe.


Hotel Kämp is known for its luxury hospitality services, which places great demands for its information security: as a first-class destination, its payment card environment must also be able to provide world-class security.

Guests at Hotel Kämp can pay for their reservations and other fees with payment cards, which is why every transaction must be as smooth as possible from beginning to end. As the hotel receives card payments at its reception desk and via its online booking system, its payment card environment must be fully compliant with the information security requirements set out in the PCI DSS.

When Hotel Kämp decided to renew its payment card policies and environment, the hotel contracted Nixu to ensure its security and compliance with all relevant payment card industry requirements. At the same time, Hotel Kämp wanted to set an example for the rest of the hospitality industry and raise the bar for payment card security.

Nixu’s assessment service covers every need

Nixu is an assessor approved by the PCI Security Standards Council, an international body that oversees the standard used by the payment card industry, with a wide range of experience in evaluating a broad spectrum of organizations. As part of their collaboration, Nixu conducted an independent, PCI DSS onsite assessment for Hotel Kämp, where Nixu’s auditor assessed the card payment processing environment used in Hotel Kämp’s reception desk and online booking system.

The PCI DSS is the payment card industry’s international information security standard that has been adopted by the world’s leading credit card companies. The PCI DSS onsite assessment service that was conducted for Hotel Kämp is intended for all parties who store, process, transmit or could otherwise affect the security of a cardholder’s data. The assessment examines the entire payment card processing environment, including any outsourced solutions, to ensure that they meet the security requirements set by the payment card industry. If the party passes the assessment, it is provided with a PCI DSS attestation of compliance as an evidence for meeting the industry requirements. The assessment provides a clear benefit to any parties who wish to manage the risks involved in working with payment cards.

Nixu’s service is not limited to just an assessment, its purpose is to help the customer achieve and maintain the level of compliance. The attestation of compliance is valid for one year and can be renewed after an annual PCI DSS onsite assessment. These annual assessments help ensure the functionality, up-to-dateness and suitability of all security controls on a regular basis.

Quality and security go hand in hand at Hotel Kämp

The PCI DSS onsite assessment and long-term collaboration verified the compliance of Hotel Kämp’s card payment processing environment with all relevant security requirements set by the payment card industry. Hotel Kämp was awarded a PCI DSS attestation of compliance, which proves the suitability of the security controls it uses for payment card transactions. It will allow Hotel Kämp to demonstrate to its stakeholders that it has committed itself to complying with the payment card industry’s security requirements and prioritizing information security in all of its operations.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Hotel Kämp and prove how quality and security serve as the starting point for all activities. When it comes to payment card security, Hotel Kämp is a pioneering force in its industry,” notes Niki Klaus, Business Leader, Certification Services at Nixu Corporation.

“Kämp is one of the leading operators in the hospitality industry, and we want to maintain that approach when it comes to our payment card security as well. The assessment carried out by Nixu challenged and strengthened our operating methods so that we can continue to provide our customers with the most secure environment possible,” says Tuomas Liewendahl, General Manager of Hotel Kämp.

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