News Insights: Lawmakers back CISA chief Krebs after report that he expects to be fired – CyberScoop

Lawmakers back CISA chief Krebs after report that he expects to be fired – CyberScoop

Multiple Democratic U.S. lawmakers on Thursday reacted with concern to a media report that a senior Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity official has told associates that he expects to be fired by the White House. Rep. Jim Langevin, D-R.I., and Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va, the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, were among those who hailed the work of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Director Chris Krebs, who has been at the forefront of federal agencies’ efforts to protect the 2020 election from hacking and disinformation. “It would not be a surprise [but] would disappoint me profoundly if he were to be fired,” Langevin, who is co-founder of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, said in an interview. “I think Chris Krebs has served in his role as director of CISA with great professionalism, with passion, in a nonpartisan way. He’s someone who is respected on both sides of the aisle.” Krebs, …

Lawmakers back CISA chief Krebs after report that he expects to be fired – CyberScoop


News Insights:

Chloé Messdaghi, VP of Strategy, Point3 Security:

     “Our nation’s security relies in large part on highly qualified public sector cybersecurity professionals and Pentagon officials to do all within their power to keep this country safe and our elections fair. Christopher Krebs is among the best of the best of these. The United States needs the depth of experience or evenhandedness that he and his team have brought to our nation’s cybersecurity. CISA was created to provide more and better cybersecurity and trusted communications channels to and for our country, to monitor and alert us to threats, and to reduce misinformation. It has succeeded in this mission to the fullest extent possible. It is in large part because of Christopher Krebs and his team that CISA exists in the shape, scope and degree of effectiveness that it does today. He has been clear, transparent and has operated with the best intent. He and the team have provided the analysis and transparency that have cut through the noise of misinformation and false claims. He’s opened the door to the independent researchers of the ethical hacker community as never before, which has yielded timely insight on emerging threats and actionable intelligence to the forefront.

Many in legislation seek additional insight into security and cybersecurity. Christopher Krebs has elevated the importance of cybersecurity, worked to help support and increase the essential understanding of emerging threats across all branches of government, and continually clarified misinformation. He has worked with politicians on both sides of the aisle, helping them to gain better insights into what our government can do to keep our citizens safe. He pushed for vulnerability disclosure policies across the country, which are so urgently needed to protect us from threats and attacks. It is up to CISA to help America understand cybersecurity threats and misinformation. Christopher Krebs is utterly nonpartisan and he deserves his CISA post in every way. He has earned the nation’s trust and faith, and worked tirelessly to help secure the current election cycle. We owe him an enormous debt of gratitude.”