A Service Akin to Credit Monitoring, but for Data Privacy, is Now Available Through Alerts.com

CHICAGO, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alerts.com is first in the market with its new service: to inform consumers when a business acquires their name, where they acquired it, the purpose for acquiring it, and what they specifically know about you. The company’s consumer lookup service is free. If a consumer wishes to be proactively notified by email, there is a $1.95 monthly subscription fee.

Alerts.com monitors tens of millions of consumer transactions per month. The service also facilitates consumers’ requests to unsubscribe from receiving future marketing offers, or to be deleted from the businesses’ database entirely.

Similar to how credit reporting agencies work with finance companies, Alerts.com works with businesses as an outsourced solution in support of privacy compliance under the California Consumer Privacy Act. Alerts.com started as a consumer lookup service in support of its participating business clients, and has grown into a proactive, consumer notification service.

“We want to make it simple for consumers to be notified when a business gains access to their personal information so they can make well-informed decisions about who they allow access to their private data,” said Larry Organ, founder, and CEO.

“We are proud to provide consumers with a service that allows them to take the first step in protecting their personal data and being made aware of who has access, what information they have, and requesting to opt-out or be deleted from a business’s database when they’d like,” said Organ. “Our hope is that Alerts.com will be viewed as the first step a person can take to secure their private data.”


Alerts.com is passionate about helping create data transparency between businesses and consumers. Although it is impossible to know every time a consumer’s name is sold, our system monitors tens of millions of consumer transactions per month.