The CyberHero Adventures: Defending YOUR Health To the Rescue!

As you know too well, healthcare cyber crime is on the rise.

The CyberHero Adventures: Defending YOUR Health To the Rescue!


Miami, FL – April 6, 2020 – Social distancing due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus is creating a mass migration to digital healthcare services and remote access for workers and students around the world. In turn, this is spawning new opportunities for malicious cyber criminals to exploit vulnerabilities with ransomware attacks, phishing campaigns and viruses.

As a way to help keep organizations within the healthcare ecosystem secure while online, Gary Berman, creator of The CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe, has announced the release of the next edition of his cyber security comic series: The CyberHero Adventures: Defending Your Health. This edition will impart basic cyber hygiene to safeguard Personal Health Information (PHI), connected medical devices, and data privacy and security at healthcare facilities. The digital e-reader version is available starting today at no cost thanks to our corporate sponsors: Aon, Infoblox Inc. ERI, and CREST.

In announcing this next edition, Berman said, “It’s a very unfortunate coincidence that within the cyber security Community, words such as “cyber hygiene,” “infection” and “virus” now have a real double meaning. Regarding COVID-19, meet “Vernan the Virus”, a NEW character that will be featured in our periodic comic strips. We are also launching the “Unsung Heroes” video podcast to shine the light on thought leaders within the cybersecurity Community, who toil in anonymity to keep us safe at work, home and school.

“Cybersecurity awareness is a critical component of any cyber resilience strategy.  Appropriate cyber hygiene must become part of every health system’s culture the same way they guard against the spread of germs and infections. The CyberHero Adventures series is an impactful and engaging tool to raise employee awareness and materially change behavior.  The plot lines put cyber risk into context in ways that make it easy for people to understand their role in building resilience and see the consequences of their actions. This is a powerful employee engagement strategy and Aon is proud to be a sponsor,” explained Thomas E. Abel | Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development | Aon Cyber Solutions.

“As threat actors increase their attack frequency and complexity, all network security teams need to adapt their security infrastructure to maximize their effectiveness. Securing healthcare infrastructures is an extremely difficult challenge as the devices within the network are highly specialized, and The CyberHero Adventures series highlights this challenge in an impactful way,” remarked Anthony James, Vice President of Product Marketing at Infoblox Inc.

“It’s an honor for ERI and our A.I. robots, SAM and ERNIE to be included in the ‘Defending Your Health’ edition of the Cyber Hero Adventures comic book,” said John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ERI, the nation’s leading fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company. “It’s more important than ever that data is protected – in and out of the healthcare system. One area that does not get discussed enough is the hardware hacking of that private data from end-of-life devices and electronic waste, and the urgent need to destroy this data in a responsible manner while protecting the planet at the same time.  Cyber Hero Adventures provides a unique and easy-to-understand approach to sharing that message and we are proud to be a part of it!”

Tom Brennan, United States Chairman, CREST International, agrees the series has an important role to play: “People, process, and technology can help protect what matters most. The CyberHero Adventures is an illustration of providing a light-hearted way to communicate the message that can be easily digested.”



“The CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe” is a groundbreaking comic series, whose mission is to distill complex data privacy, cybersecurity and tech information into engaging and effective communications using compelling imagery and storytelling. Created by Gary Berman in response to his experience as a victim of insider hacking, the comic series seeks to educate the public and elevate the unsung heroes, the people who work behind the scenes defending us from cybercrime at work, school and home.