nCipher Security Wishes You a Happy Safer Internet Day!

Happy Safer Internet Day! Today is a worldwide event which aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues. To commemorate the day, here is some expert commentary from executives at nCipher Security regarding two key online issues that the security community is in the process of addressing.

ENTERPRISE, comments by Cindy Provin, Senior Vice President of Entrust Datacard and General Manager of nCipher Security: “We’re seeing heightened vigilance surrounding data integrity and security from the largest to the smallest businesses. That’s with good reason. The potential for malware, viruses and other cyberthreats continues to grow as we all become increasingly digitally dependent,” said Cindy Provin, Senior Vice President of Entrust Datacard and General Manager of nCipher Security. “Nearly every organization is exposed and vulnerable, and 62% of Americans want companies to make security more reliable. Following security best practices such as weaving encryption, secure identities and key management into the fabric of business processes is a great way for organizations to safeguard their own – and their customers’ – data and do their part to keep the nternet safe.”

CONSUMER, comments by Peter Galvin, Chief Strategy Officer for nCipher Security: “Digital technology is ingrained into American life — whether we are at work or at play. Yet 68% of Americans fear identity theft. Forty-six percent worry about security when they buy something online. And the social-political climate only adds to the simmering uncertainty around internet safety and online misinformation,” said Peter Galvin, Chief Strategy Officer for nCipher Security. “That has consumers wondering who and what they can trust, and how they can best protect themselves and their data. Consumers can do that by vigilantly changing passwords and signing up for multi factor authentication where available, avoiding insecure public Wi-Fi networks and shared computers, and resisting the urge to click links from unknown sources. And to avoid being influenced by misinformation, all of us must be careful to consider the source and decide for ourselves what is and is not credible.”

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