Komodo Systems Inc. acquires Conxx Inc. to provide an industry first solution of inward and outward network analytics for small, medium, large, and carrier networks

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Komodo is a carrier class network analytics and user experience (QoE measurement) platform. Through its physical and virtual probes Komodo offers a compelling, cost effective solution measuring real time and historical network KPIs along with end user application performance in the wireless airspace (WiFi, LTE, DAS, 5G). Komodo performs tests by simulating end users’ activity on a network, appearing to network infrastructure as a typical user.

GridObserver® by Conxx, is a multi-dimensional network management and analytics platform designed to give you maximum visibility into your network. GridObserver introduces a layered approach to managing networks beyond traditional element monitoring.  In addition to network elements, GridObserver monitors the relationship between elements, virtual connections and geospatial relationships. This leads to a multi-dimensioned model of the network.  The Leading Indicator Technology™ is crucial to predicting potential failures or anomalies.

GridObserver was built to fill a gaping hole in the large network monitoring market – dynamically modeling, mapping and monitoring your critical network infrastructure with rich, meaningful data is invaluable. Our combination with the Komodo Eyes will put the last piece of the puzzle in place; we’ll have rich data from the core to the bitter edge of any network, large or small.
Jeff Blank, CTO, Conxx Inc.

Hardwire networks, wireless networks, and cloud networks are becoming more and more integrated. Just as bare metal solutions are hybridizing with cloud solutions, so are the tools to manage the physical and wireless networks. Complicated network dynamics require IT professionals to have real-time tools to support operations, engineering, management, and executive functions.

“The combined products make sense in industries with mission critical networks. Industries where life depends on reliable and high network performance, as in hospitals and utilities; as well as major venues such as arenas and colleges where the user experience drive ROI,” noted Paul Henriod, CEO.

About GridObserver
GridObserver monitors significantly more network traffic than the competition to provide rich, deep, and broad data. Actionable intelligence is provided through operation predictability and real event correlation to identify where anomalies happen and to provide a precise location and layer in the OSI stack. Deployed in hours (not weeks) the network is fully mapped with automation capabilities of key networking tasks, i.e., configuration of critical and complex network elements such as MPLS Routers and IPSec Tunnels.  For more information visit http://www.gridobserver.com and http://www.conxx.net

About Komodo Eyes
Komodo Eyes provide monitoring and predictive analysis through sensors that replicate users’ experience. The sensors run a battery of tests on frequent intervals that exercise the network and track key performance indicators. These KPIs allow network admins at all skill levels to more efficiently manage their networks, on site or remotely through a cloud-based dashboard.

For more information visit http://www.komodowifi.com.

The benefits of combining both products:

  • Complete Network Visibility: Capture user experience and infrastructure performance
  • Deep Failure Analysis: Full virtual and physical node relationship mapping and monitoring
  • Immediate ROI: End to end monitoring allowing proactive intervention
  • Leading Indicator Technology™: Machine learning to identify impending failures
  • Automatic Configurator: Automate MPLS Router and IPSec Tunnel configuration



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