News Insights: Notice of Data Breach | Rooster Teeth Blog

Notice of Data Breach | Rooster Teeth Blog

We are saddened to report that on December 2, 2019, the Rooster Teeth online store ( experienced a data security incident that may have compromised a limited group of customers’ personal information. It is important to note that this did not affect Rooster Teeth accounts or FIRST membership subscriptions as this incident remained isolated to …

Notice of Data Breach | Rooster Teeth Blog

Texas-based entertainment company Rooster Teeth had its e-commerce store attacked in a data harvesting raid using malicious JavaScript and phishing techniques 

News Insights:

Mike Bittner, director of digital security and operations at The Media Trust, provided the following comments:

“We need to call these attacks what they are: digital supply chain attacks. Some attacks use the same or similar code as Magecart but a far greater number use a wide array of advanced techniques to redirect online shoppers and readers.  Until companies take the insecurity of their digital supply chains seriously and monitor the code that runs on their sites, these attacks will continue. There’s no other way to prevent these attacks than to allow only trusted digital vendors to run code on your site, as well as closely watch and regulate all the code that these vendors and their own digital third parties run to make sure they all follow your policies. By doing so, you will address not only security risk but also quality and performance risks that can degrade the site’s user experience.”