Proxy Intel Revolutionizes Fraud Detection


New solution brings residential and mobile proxy detection to enterprise class services


ROSEVILLE, Calif., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Residential proxy services like Luminati and SmartProxy are no longer a safe place for criminals, content thieves and scalpers.  Proxy Intel, the global leader in mobile and residential proxy detection is pleased to announce the launch of the Global Channel Partner Program to assist enterprise customers in the detection of large-scale proxy network connections such as those offered by Luminati, Oxylabs, SmartProxy and dozens of others. The Global Channel Partner Program is designed to help solutions providers that specialize in web application security by enabling them to identify malicious proxy connections often used to commit click fraud, credit card fraud and election interference.

According to Kevin Gantt, Proxy Intel CEO, “The proliferation of residential proxy services is too tempting a target for malicious actors. Given the increased opportunity for foreign election interference and mass-scale fraud, it’s only a matter of time until such services are Federally prohibited. Until then, Proxy Intel is the only feasible and easily-implemented solution for the private sector to identify and secure proxy connections.”

With the increase in the use of proxy services, threats have increased significantly for both business and private internet applications. Community proxy services such as HolaVPN have been shown to present great opportunity for fraud, including digital advertising/click fraud, web scraping, airline reservation data theft, concert ticket hoarding/scalping, limited edition goods/sneaker hoarding, and unauthorized webmail access, and have been harnessed to perpetrate malicious brute force and denial of service attacks.

Proxy service providers use individual users as exit nodes. They are able to monetize these connections and traffic by selling access to third parties. This presents the opportunity for bad actors to have access to millions of connections to perpetrate fraud. While they claim such monetization is in the interests of “market research,” studies have shown that they are in fact often used fraudulently.

“We are looking to partner with companies like Nike,” continued Mr. Gantt. “Companies that sell luxury or collectible goods are vulnerable to hoarder attacks, where bad actors misuse proxy services to corner the market on high-demand products. We have the only tool available to reconnect them directly with their customers without the interference or misuse of proxy services. With our services, they can sell their products directly to the consumer, eliminating the development of a secondary resale market that results from proxy abuse.”

Channel partners have access to Proxy Intel’s full product portfolio, including Proxy Detection, Threat Intelligence, and Fraud Mitigation. Proxy Intel’s service line can be deployed to provide lookup capabilities beyond 70,000 IP addresses per second using the same technology as CloudFlare to deliver information on specific IP addresses.

Using Proxy Intel’s infrastructure, it’s possible to analyze all online credit card transactions globally, in real-time, with the potential to immediately reduce fraud by up to 30 percent or more.

Proxy Intel is the global leader in mobile and residential proxy detection and fraud mitigation. By providing the first easy and accurate way to identify and mitigate malicious proxy traffic, our products block 95% of bad actors without impacting legitimate users. Proxy Intel products protect against web scraping, brute force attacks, competitive data mining, account hijacking, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, man-in-the-middle attacks, click fraud, and credit card fraud. For more information about Proxy Intel, visit or follow @BlockProxies on Twitter.