News Insights: Fake Steam Skin Giveaway Site Steals your Login Credentials


A fake Steam skin giveaway site has been created that states it gives away news skins every day, but in reality it just steals your login credentials.

Fake Steam Skin Giveaway Site Steals your Login Credentials

News Insights:

Rosemary O’Neill, director of customer delivery at NuData Security, a Mastercard Company:

“Cybercriminals continue to not surprise us with their continued theft of consumer usernames and passwords. Users that think they may be affected should change their passwords immediately, and make sure to use unique passwords for each account they create. Companies such as Steam should augment their current authentication framework so they don’t rely solely on username and passwords, and deploy technology to identify their legitimate users despite the constant stream of consumer information exposed through data leaks and stolen credentials. Many online companies are turning to technologies to identify customers by their behaviours and biometrics, instead of relying solely on static user credentials, and are preventing the account takeover attacks like these.”