A Guide to Policy Making in Europe’s Cyber Landscape


New Issue Brief:

Arlington, VA – The latest issue brief from Global Cyber Policy Watch gives context into the evolution of cybersecurity priorities across the European Union, particularly as it relates to the European Commission’s legislative objectives. The Juncker Commission, which has been in office since November 2014, is credited with launching a large project called the Digital Single Market. This project has aimed to tear down regulatory barriers and create a single EU-wide digital market, contributing 415 billion euros per year in economic growth. The new European Commission set to take office on December 1, 2019 – the von der Leyen Commission – will be charged with sustaining these advancements. This incoming legislative body is inheriting a Europe that is increasingly committed to understanding the cyber threats that countries will face in the 21st century.


Ursula von der Leyen of Germany will head this new European Commission. In her agenda, she emphasizes: “Europe must lead the transition to a healthy planet and a new digital world. But it can only do so by bringing people together and upgrading our unique social market economy to fit today’s new ambitions.” The von der Leyen Commission’s stated commitment to regulating hate speech and political advertisements and addressing threats from external actors will prove to be especially important as EU countries approach their next election cycles, respectively.


Released today, the latest issue brief from GCPW aims to explain the structure of the EU’s governing bodies, highlight the work that has been done thus far with respect to cybersecurity, and provide an overview of growth to expect from the new European Commission. The report, “A Guide to Policy Making in Europe’s Cyber Landscape,” builds on four key points:


·     The European Commission is the main driver of the European Union’s policy direction

·     The Juncker Commission transformed the European Commission’s approach to cybersecurity

·     The Digital Single Market is driving a more unified digital marketplace for Europe and is developing cybersecurity measures to maintain integrity in the new marketplace

·     The incoming von der Leyen Commission (set to assume office on December 1, 2019) will expand upon these efforts and has proposed legislation to regulate hate speech, illegal content, and political advertising


Additionally, shortly after the new Commission assumes office, an EU-wide risk mitigation toolbox is expected to be issued by the end of the year. This mitigation toolbox will build upon the comprehensive 5G technology risk assessment that was released in October. It will be implemented by EU member states – in cooperation with the European Commission – to fortify their security requirements and manage vulnerabilities in the ever-evolving cyber environment.


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