Avira CEO: Smart Devices Creating an Exponential Increase in Online Security Threats

Malware continues to be the most significant threat that users are facing today. This is according to the CEO of Avira Antivirus Travis Witteveen, who kindly agreed to talk to PreciseSecurity.com.

He has also discussed which are the main challenges the industry is currently facing and how the cryptocurrency market became an investor vehicle today, among other things.

At the same time, he said that smart devices are creating an exponential increase in online security threats.

Malware: The Largest Threat Vector For Users

The CEO of Avira Antivirus explained that malware continues to be the most significant threat vector that users are facing today. Witteveen also sees an increase in complementary services based on protecting users’ privacy, such as password managers and VPNs.

There are several issues that are affecting the whole industry according to Witteveen. He mentioned that the amount of threats is exponentially increasing, the number of smart devices is also growing and another challenge is enabling users to enjoy and use the internet without fear.

To deal with these challenges, Avira expanded its portfolio and focused on usability. They have developed security tools for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Regarding hackers and how they are expanding around the world, he mentioned that the attacks they perform will never be eliminated.

Specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are those that could also be now affected by the attacks. On the matter, he commented:

“Hackers are shifting from traditional malware attacks on an individual device to more sophisticated attacks targeting your activity data.”

Witteveen has also talked about cryptocurrencies. He said that the whole market is currently used by investors rather than as a tool to pay for goods and services.

He went on saying that their goal is to protect customers. That’s why they will always address the issues that could arise in this market as long as it becomes more widely adopted.

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