Report: 84% of parents worried about child internet safety – Back End News

To reduce potential risks and explain the dangers of surfing the Internet, 81% of parents say it is a joint responsibility between parents and schools to teach children about online safety. 86% believe that parents are better positioned to do so since children generally trust them more.


The most dangerous online threats, according to the parents’ point of view, are children seeing harmful content, such as sexual or violent (27%); experiencing internet addiction (26%); and receiving anonymous messages or content inciting them to carry out the violent or inappropriate activity (14%).


In particular, nearly 2 in 3 parents (64%) agree that their kids spend too much time online, which not only means trading other joys and benefits of childhood for the screen time but also being continuously exposed to various potential risks.


There is no doubt in the heightened awareness of children’s online privacy and security recently because these digital natives did not know a world without the internet. Their social life consists of in-person and online communication. Also according to Kaspersky’s survey, over 9 in 10 children between 7 and 12 years old globally now have an internet-enabled device, smartphone or tablet.


Concern does not translate into action. This is what the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky’s latest global research revealed. Even if 84% of parents expressed concern for their children’s internet safety, they also confessed that they spend a total of only 46 minutes talking about it in the kids’ entire childhood.