SOC as a Service (Security Operations Centre) Market Size: A Guide to Competitive Landscape and Key Players Analysis – Commerce Gazette

Besides, these there are various other companies that are also putting huge efforts in enhancing (security operations centre). In the global SOC as a service (security operations centre) market report, provides detailed information about the players and business development strategies used by them. It include Proficio, BlackStratus, Thales e-Security, Cygilant, Alert Logic, Arctic Wolf Networks, Netmagic Solutions, ESDS Software Solution, AQM Technologies, and Suma.


Key players in the global SOC as a service (security operations centre) market are engaged in enhancing SOC as a service (security operations centre). They are involved in different organic and inorganic activities to get a larger share in the global market. They are also improving security services to provide better security to their customers.  Alert Logic introduced a new SIEMless Threat Management to address compliance risks, cybersecurity threats, and other common resource constraints. This solution will work 24*7 for threat detection, have assigned SOC analyst support, and comprehensive Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).  Lately, Arctic Wolf Networks collaborated with Advance Financial to offer AWN CyberSOC, its cloud-based solution for Advance Financial customers. The aim of this solution is to provide continuous security monitoring, and will comply with Advance Financial regulations.


With all these parameters being intact, geographical reach of SOC as a service (security operations centre), current trend in the market, and different ways adopted by key market participants will also influence the growth in the global SOC as a service (security operations centre) market. Systematic presentation all these information will give a clear insight about the market’s growth.


Adding further, increasing dynamicity in business environment has encouraged organizations to adopt SOC as a service (security operations centre) solution for ensure better security for their data. Also, the indispensable need for compliance with different regulatory alliance such as GDPR, PCIDSS, and HIPAA will ensure the growth in this market.


Increasing penetration of internet and growing demand for connected devices increases chances of being attacked online. With significant rise in sophisticated cyber-attacks, the demand for SOC as a service (security operations centre) has increased tremendously. Moreover, cumbersome administration after threat detection has also fueled demand in the global SOC as a service (security operations centre) market.