Veteran Cyber Threat Intelligence Leader Tommy McDowell Joins Celerium As Vice President of Strategy

McDowell brings nearly 20 years of experience, knowledge and insight to strengthen and expand Celerium’s cyber defense solutions.


EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Celerium Inc., a leader in innovative cyber defense solutions, today announced the addition of seasoned cyber defense and threat intelligence leader Tommy McDowell as vice president of strategy for its Cyber Defense Network solution.

McDowell has helped private sector and governmental organizations transform their cybersecurity understanding and practices in the areas of cyber threat intelligence, risk management and information security. As vice president of strategy at Celerium, McDowell will leverage his nearly 20 years of experience, knowledge and insight to spearhead the strategy for Celerium’s signature solution, the Cyber Defense Network (CDN). With CDN, private and public organizations can be proactive about cyber defense, faster to respond to threats and smarter about their responses.

McDowell came to Celerium from the Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC). During his tenure as vice president of intelligence, he overhauled the organization’s intel team and capabilities, significantly increasing intelligence sharing and member engagement. He also served as deputy director of the ISAO (Information Sharing and Analysis Organization) Standards Organization, providing strategic guidance and standards review.

Previously, McDowell was senior director of cyber threat intelligence at FireEye, a global cybersecurity company.

“As cyber attacks become more numerous and destructive, our focus is on providing a pragmatic, action-oriented solution that will help defend organizations from increasingly dangerous malware, ransomware and more,” said Aubrey Chernick, founder of Celerium. “The addition of Tommy McDowell to our executive management team will strengthen our capabilities when it comes to risk management and threat intelligence, as well as help Celerium provide insight into the continuously evolving areas of cybersecurity and cyber defense.”

“Having a solid understanding of, and strategy for, cyber defense are becoming more important for organizations and businesses of all sizes, and I’m honored to join Celerium to help expand its Cyber Defense Network solution,” said McDowell. “Cyber defenders need to understand what they’re facing, and when and how to address threats – and Celerium’s Cyber Defense Network will help equip them to do just that.”

About Celerium
Celerium protects important industry sectors and their members by augmenting and leveraging cyber threat intelligence to more actively defend against cyber threats and attacks. Celerium’s flagship solution, Cyber Defense Network, is a unique community collaboration experience combining communities, processes, and underlying technology to accelerate defensive actions for its members. Members are empowered to create, share, and receive threat information easily and rapidly, assess and prioritize relevant responses to cyber threats, and feed high-quality threat intelligence directly into key security technologies, significantly enhancing their value and member responsiveness. Celerium powers the next generation of information-sharing organizations, including ISAOs and ISACs. Relied on by government agencies, enterprise risk management teams, CISOs, and SOC analysts, Celerium supports all critical infrastructure and market sectors. Learn more at


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