Healthcare Overconfident in Privacy Maturity, As Breach Rate Rises

What’s more, none of the respondents had a lack of confidence in their organization’s ability to define personal data, with about 66 percent feeling very or extremely condiment in their ability.


However, 50 percent of those respondents update their personal data inventory just once a year – or even less. And just 17 percent of respondents are able to access sensitive data across five common data source types.


The researchers found most organizations were overly confident in their technical maturity, with 70 percent of respondents reporting they were very or extremely confident in knowing exactly where sensitive data resides.


Integris researchers surveyed 258 top business executives and IT decision makers from mid- to large-sized organizations to determine where the healthcare sector stands with data maturity.


June 21, 2019 – The majority of healthcare leadership is overly confident in their data privacy maturity, despite failing to keep an accurate pulse on the data it maintains, transmits, and acquires, according to a recent Integris Software report.


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