Deep Learning Market Size in Security Segment Will Witness Tremendous Growth Up To 2025 –

Players in the market include Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Baidu, Inc., Arm Ltd., Enlitic, Google, Inc., Hewlett-Packard, IBM Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Intel Corporation, General Vision, Inc., Clairifai, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Sensory, Inc., and Skymind. In January 2017, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Maluuba, an AI startup. It helped Microsoft to democratize AI and to make it accessible to everyone. Microsoft being a big brand in the technology field makes it easy for the customers to adopt the technologies provided by it.


The U.S. deep learning market will grow significantly due to the adoption of the technology in the defense sector. The country ranks the highest in the defense expenditure across the world, making it a prominent player in the deep learning industry with analytics being widely used in the defense to optimize the resources. The growing adoption of big data analytics, high economic growth, and penetration of smart devices will help the growth of the U.S. deep learning market.


The deep learning market caters to requirements from several applications of engineering and science such as image classifications, learning methods in language processing, and voice recognition. The valuable information extracted from the big data by using the technology is used in various industry verticals such as national intelligence, fraud detection, cybersecurity, and medical informatics, amongst others. Additionally, the technology is used in big data analytics for decision making and prediction purposes. Siri by Apple is a prime example of usage of the technology in the voice recognition system.


Increase in the computing power and the simultaneous decrease in the hardware cost are the two major factors helping the deep learning market to grow. Technology providers are launching high computing solutions at a rapid speed to provide high computation speed to the users. For instance, leading smartphone companies in 2016 had equipped the devices with 3 to 4 GB of RAM while devices of 2018 are powered with 6 to 8 GB of RAM. RAM for smartphones and portable devices is a vital component of the system as it provides the necessary speed if coupled with high-speed processors. High-speed devices provide smooth AI experience to the user, thus driving the deep learning market.


The end users in the deep learning market include manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, agriculture, security, marketing, human resources, and others. The security segment is projected to hold a major share due to the significant increase in the data generation that has increased the instances of cyber-attacks. AI in security solutions helps the companies protect their crucial information and avoid the data loss. The valuable information is being exposed to the cyber-attacks making security sector a big adopter of the technology.