Security Information & Event Management Market Global Industry Revenue, Research Report Analysis by Leading Countries, Regions Forecast to 2019-2024 – Denton Observer

enables organizations to minimize their security budget. The organizations belonging to this region always demand innovative and advanced technologies. SIEM not only helps them to detect and manage real-time threats and breaches but also enables them to analyze a large amount of information in a short span of time. SIEM providers in this region are coming up with advanced and ultramodern solutions due to the increasing technological growth.


The technological evolution has led to the evolution of sophisticated threats and cyber-attacks in this region. The organizations are also becoming very cautious regarding the security breaches into their private networks which may lead to a huge loss for them. This security concern has increased the deployment of SIEM solutions for efficiently dealing with the constant security breaches.


North America is expected to retain its position as the largest market for , over the forecast period. Due to the large scale migration of blue-chip companies, North America has been witnessing huge technological growth in recent times.


– SIEM solutions are used to protect banks against frauds. They offer invaluable visibility into ATM networks. Banking and financial services are the most critical sectors for fraudulent activities from both inside and outside, breaking all the breach records in comparison to other industries. – For instance, crucial financial institution of Russia Ural FD Bank along with Jet Infosystems has established a security information and event management system based on HP ArcSight. The bank has acquired a reliable and convenient instrument that can promptly identify and investigate information security breaches. This resulted in dropping the turnaround time for incident response and investigation by 80%. – According to a post on IBM’s Security Intelligence Blog, SIEM tools receive logs from ATM endpoints, controlling network server and employ correlation rules to help security analysts monitor things such as entries into the network, software integrity and antivirus feeds. This helps to deliver a comprehensive overview of the ATM network security posture at any moment.


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