The SPECTRUM Group, A Premier Strategic Risk Management and Cyber Security Service Provider, Adds CyGlass’ Network Defense as A Service (NDaaS) to Its Portfolio of Services

CyGlass’s NDaaS network security platform, in combination with The SPECTRUM Group’s managed services, leverages CyGlass’s advanced AI to detect anomalies, provide network visibility, identify network assets, and respond to today’s advanced cyber threats.


LITTLETON, Mass. and ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CyGlass, a SaaS AI-driven network-centric threat detection solution, and The SPECTRUM Group, a cyber security assessment and risk mitigation leader, are proud to announce the addition of Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS) powered by CyGlass to further strengthen their clients’ cyber defenses and protect clients’ sensitive customer data and digital assets.

CyGlass NDaaS enables:

  • Automatically identify assets on your network and prioritize layered security zones
  • Receive Smart Alerts, prioritized event notifications, on suspicious network activity
  • Gain visibility of your network threat landscape and respond quickly to malicious insiders or motivated attackers
  • Detect network anomalies with proven scalable AI that continuously learns while monitoring your network activity without additional hardware, software, or people
  • Create comprehensive reports on threats, assets and network behavior

“CyGlass provides an affordable SaaS solution for network anomaly detection – a critical tool in the fight against threat actors, who cannot hide in the network,” noted Ed Jackowiak, CEO of CyGlass Inc. “Traditional security tools are valuable, but do not track or identify unusual behavior within the network. In contrast, our easy-to-deploy NDaaS solution contains a dashboard that can be used by security analysts, management, and even boards of directors to visualize the network’s current state and cyber security personnel’s current progress in identifying and remediating any attacks.

Cyber Risk is one of the biggest challenges facing firms today, including those in aerospace, healthcare, energy, and law: more than 50% of recent breaches were due to advanced cyber threats. Existing security technologies largely fail to provide visibility and detection of unknown attacks and rogue assets on networks, and continue to depend on security analysts sifting through vast volumes of logs and alerts. Relying on signatures or rule-based security products leaves organizations more exposed, inundating their Security Operations Centers (SOCs) with false positives and no methods for identifying and blocking real threats. The result? An estimated 70% of these advanced threats go undetected.

“The SPECTRUM Group has significant expertise in cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and digital assets, and constantly seeks innovative solutions to improve client technology risk management and enable our clients to protect their networks,” said George Close, President of The SPECTRUM Group. “CyGlass’s AI-based platform allows our Cyber Security Team to leverage machine learning and smart automation for enhanced visibility, real-time insights, and actionable intelligence to enable better client network security.”

Today’s corporate networks risk being breached by advanced network threats unless quick and intelligent security tools can respond – tools that become ever-smarter through comprehensive AI applications and self-learning technologies. The CyGlass NDaaS tool focuses on the most critical threats, while leveraging AI to provide enhanced visibility, improved productivity, and greater precision in defending client networks and assets from cyber-attacks. By incorporating the CyGlass NDaaS solution into its comprehensive cyber security solution portfolio, The SPECTRUM Group continues to support its global client base with the advanced network protection and enterprise network security capabilities needed to detect and mitigate today’s and tomorrow’s cyber security threats.

CyGlass is a network behavior anomaly detection solution that uses artificial intelligence to surface and prioritize unknown threats within your network. By deploying Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS), CyGlass provides visibility and understanding of your network behavior and the behavior of your critical assets. Based on unsupervised and supervised machine learning, CyGlass leverages a layered algorithmic approach to analyze network traffic and builds an illustrated story of how each threat has emerged over time. NDaaS Smart Alerts are prioritized by confidence level and threat score to save your security operations critical time in mitigating a surfaced threat.

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