News Insights: Mobile malware evolution 2018

Mobile malware evolution 2018

Users of mobile devices in 2018 faced what could be the strongest cybercriminal onslaught ever seen. Over the course of the year, we observed both new mobile device infection techniques and a step-up in the use of tried-and-tested distribution schemes (for example, SMS spam).

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News Insights:

Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan, shared, “Kaspersky Lab has been tracking this increase in malicious mobile activity for a number of quarters at this point—it’s really no surprise. More people are using mobile banking services and so criminals are incentivized to follow people to the mobile channel and invest time and effort in stealing funds that way. Malware taking advantage of Accessibility Services in Android is also now targeting payments apps such as PayPal. Users don’t have all the tools they need to ensure the security of their mobile devices, and so it’s all the more important for providers of mobile financial services to help users by hardening mobile apps with technology such as mobile app shielding, which can detect and respond to these sorts of attacks (even in compromised devices) before attackers can profit.”