News Insights: GPS Spoof Hits Geneva Motor Show

GPS Spoof Hits Geneva Motor Show

Incident leaves GPS units showing a location in England and a date 17 years in the future.

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According to Roi Mit, Chief Marketing Officer of Regulus Cyber, “Today there was a big wakeup call for automakers at the Geneva Motor Show when the vehicles on display were spoofed. The mass spoofing of vehicles demonstrates the real cyber threat that exists, regardless of car, model, etc., via any GPS\GNSS device. Finding the location of the spoofing source is extremely difficult leaving the hacker with little to no accountability for their actions. As we have seen in the recent developments in the Fiat Chrysler/Harman (Samsung) lawsuit regarding known automotive cyber vulnerabilities, this incident puts the automakers in a legal bind to create solutions for their GPS vulnerabilities so that drivers and passengers know they are safe from GPS hacking.”