Meta Networks Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter Outpaces Enterprise VPNs with New Enhancements

Next-Generation Platform Brings Unmatched Security, Management and Usability to Secure Remote Access


Meta Networks Ltd., provider of Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions for secure remote access, announced its latest generation Meta NaaS Software-Defined Perimeter for secure access to hybrid network environments. The enhanced solution takes cloud-based zero-trust networking to the next level with new security, management and usability enhancements.

While the most common remote access solution used by organizations is the perimeter-based VPN, this technology is plagued by issues. Since corporate VPNs use a trust-based model where those accessing the network are allowed broad access to resources once credentials are accepted, companies and governmental organizations requiring more secure networking environments are moving toward zero-trust software defined perimeters. Today’s announcement by Meta Networks showcases the latest SDP advancements for the empowerment of secure remote access as an alternative to trust-based VPNs.


According to Gartner, “Zero trust is an initial step on the roadmap to CARTA — a strategic framework for information security where dynamic levels of risk and trust are continuously assessed and security infrastructure is adapted to optimize the level of trust extended. CARTA expands the notion of zero trust to lean trust — just-in-time, just-enough capabilities — given the current context and risk tolerance of the enterprise, and continuously monitoring, assessing and adapting to improve the enterprise security posture.”


Available immediately in the next-generation Meta NaaS platform are multiple enhancements that enable advanced security, comprehensive management and streamlined usability. The suite of added capabilities reinforce the company’s focus on enterprise requirements for higher levels of access control, complemented with greater management functionality and data-driven insights. All-new features include:



–              Enhanced Behavioral Alerts & Notifications: More comprehensive monitoring and alerting of events such as user access to sensitive data, unauthorized/forbidden connection attempts and/or failed user logins.

–              Posture Checks on the User Device: Allows administrators to institute policies that check device posture before authorizing its connection. Policies can also be implemented that periodically conduct checks, including the running of processes such as OS patch reviews, certificate installations, antivirus deployments, registry entries and more.

–              MetaConnect Web Recording: Meta NaaS now provides the ability to generate a complete audit log of all activity during client-less web application access. The log can also be used to set alerts and monitor user behavior.



–              The Introduction of Smart Groups: This allows administrators to tag (for labeling) all network elements in order to create dynamic, heterogeneous groups to use in defining policies. For example, all production services, all non-contractors and employees can easily be grouped for better management.

–              SCIM Support: Accelerates user provisioning and onboarding to enable ongoing, real-time sync of users, groups and attributes within the system.



–              New Client Apps: Business-class client applications with fast, simple user access, improved usability and a modern new interface.

–              Direct MetaConnect Access: Enables transparent connectivity to web applications over MetaConnect directly from a hyperlink. For example, access links can be embedded in the user’s email so that they can quickly and easily access mission critical applications. Application use can take place inside a secure, MetaConnect session.


“Employees in the enterprise today demand quick and easy entry into systems and information whether they’re located in the office, at home or on the road. This is where the corporate VPN begins to run into challenges in terms of security and reliable access,” said Micha Rave, VP Products for Meta Networks. “Network security is not a technology problem – it is a people and management problem. The latest enhancements to Meta NaaS deliver a secure perimeter for each user validated with entry to the network. This provides access to a very defined set of resources the user needs to complete their mission.”


About Meta Networks

Meta Networks is reinventing the secure enterprise network for the cloud age. As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, companies need a better approach to providing secure application access than the conventional, site-centric VPN. With Meta’s Network-as-a-Service, you can rapidly provide secure remote access for employees, contractors and partners to corporate applications and the internet. Meta NaaS implements the principles of a software-defined perimeter to ensure zero-trust, identity-based access. Leveraging a cloud-native global backbone, Meta NaaS delivers a great user experience along with always-on security. Meta NaaS is fast and simple to deploy and manage, even in complex, hybrid environments – enabling IT to significantly reduce the network attack surface. With employees working from insecure locations, and contractors and partners using unmanaged devices, it’s more important than ever to secure, control and audit application access. With Meta NaaS, businesses can enjoy the benefits of cloud agility and employee mobility, along with zero-trust security.  Learn more at