Xage Introduces Universal Access Control for Industrial Operations

Xage Enforcement Point extends network security to individual devices, protecting millions of previously exposed IIoT machines and legacy control systems

Xage Security has announced Xage Enforcement Point to deliver universal access control for industrial operations. Xage Enforcement Point (XEP), for the first time, enables role-based access control and single sign-on for every device, from legacy control systems to the newest IoT machines––even those previously lacking any access control protection.

XEP works with Xage’s tamperproof security fabric as a unified solution for industrial operations. Xage’s security fabric is deployed at on-site gateways that can protect multiple legacy and IIoT devices at once, providing access control, password rotation, and managed interactions at the any-to-any level for maximum oversight and protection. Meanwhile, the fabric’s tamperproof replication capabilities enable centralized management and monitoring combined with XEP’s decentralized in-field enforcement.

“As industries evolve, operators are left with legacy systems and IoT devices interacting with disparate levels of security. Today’s reliance on network-level protection, where a breach on one device can comprise a significant portion of operations, is insufficient,” said Pete MacKay, Chief Product Security Officer at GE Renewable Energy. “Universal access control for devices, controllers and applications is fundamental for safe, reliable operations and the ability to securely adopt Industrial IoT at scale.”

XEP extends role-based access control to individual devices according to pre-established tamperproof policies secured in the nodes of the Xage fabric. Edge-to-cloud monitoring gives administrators visibility into and control of all access attempts, whether successful or not. Any attempts to unplug or bypass the XEP generate management alerts in the fabric. XEP ensures that individual industrial devices if ever compromised, are isolated individually – not in a group of other critical, uncompromised assets.

“Companies lose millions of dollars in direct costs from a single IoT breach. The decline in reputation and customer trust, including stock valuation and earnings, is even greater; and it’s only going to get worse,” said Duncan Greatwood, CEO of Xage. “Today’s patchwork of vendor-specific security products, unprotected systems, and attempts at network-level isolation are insufficient at best. With the Xage Enforcement Point, we’re now providing comprehensive cybersecurity for every device while avoiding changes in system software and maintaining the value of customers’ existing hardware investments.”

Beyond cybersecurity, XEP improves efficiency by enabling any-to-any machine-to-machine cooperation and automation, securing production data from source machine through to the cloud, and matching technician access rights with qualifications and job functions to reduce on-site human errors. XEP works across all systems and equipment, current or legacy, and is applicable to virtually all devices, such as machines, controllers, meters, and sensors regardless of the vendor, generation, type, make, model, or connectivity. XEP enables remote access and control at oil pads, wind farms, mines, factories and other distributed or harsh environments, thus limiting on-site visits, saving significant amounts of time and money, as well as reducing risks to employee safety.


About Xage

The Xage Security Fabric is the universal security solution for modern industrial operations, creating the essential trusted foundation for every interaction, whether human-to-machine, machine-to-machine, or edge-to-cloud. The fabric protects all equipment, from new IoT devices to vulnerable legacy systems, delivering identity management, single sign-on, and access control with in-field enforcement across the industrial operation. Xage is the first and only blockchain-protected security solution providing tamperproof, non-intrusive protection and enabling efficient operations and innovation across all industries. Xage customers include leaders in manufacturing, energy, utilities, and transportation.