Mozilla COO Calls for Protection of Net Neutrality

On February 7, Denelle Dixon, Mozilla’s Chief Operating Officer, testified on behalf of Mozilla before the United States House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Telecommunications Subcommittee to call for restoring the United States’ net neutrality regulations.

Mozilla’s unyielding commitment to the fight for net neutrality, including being the named plaintiff in the landmark case challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality protections, made Mozilla a natural fit to appear and testify in front of Congress on this critical issue.

“Our work to restore net neutrality is driven by our mission to build a better, healthier internet that puts users first,” said Dixon. “And we believe that net neutrality is fundamental to achieving a better internet future that creates room for new businesses and new ideas to emerge and flourish, and where internet users can choose freely the companies, products, and services that put their interests first.”

Read Dixon’s prepared written remarks or oral statement delivered to the subcommittee attached.