ISACA and DMDII release a manufacturing cybersecurity survey

ISACA and DMDII have released a survey that explores the cybersecurity challenges faced by the global manufacturing industry. Three-quarters of U.S. manufacturing firms have fewer than 20 employees and 98 percent have fewer than 500. To shore up the resiliency of the U.S. supply chain, reaching small manufacturers is essential, and understanding their needs and capabilities is a crucial initial step.

Survey findings showed that manufacturers still face security concerns, including those related to IoT-integrated devices, employee error, continue to struggle with finding skilled cybersecurity staff and may be underspending on security training. Key findings findings include:

  • 75 percent of manufacturing organizations have a program in place to promote cybersecurity awareness among their employees, but only 37 percent believe that their programs are very to completely effective.
  • 47 percent of manufacturing organizations are spending less than US $1,000 on average each year on continuing education opportunities for their staff—versus 25 percent in other industries—and nearly 1 in 10 reported that their enterprises spent nothing on average each year on these educational opportunities.
  • 74 percent indicated they believed their organization’s cybersecurity training budgets would either increase or at least be maintained at current levels; only 4 percent anticipated a decrease in the coming year.

To see the report, click here.