From the Wire: Hotshot, Mobile Security Solution For Business, Announces Partnership With Government of Luxembourg and Acceptance Into Technoport® Business Incubation Program

Hotshot’s solution to help businesses meet GDPR and other regulatory requirements positions the company for global growth, with new EU offices

BERLIN and IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, Nov. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Hotshot today announced a partnership with the Government of Luxembourg and acceptance into the Technoport® business incubation program. The Technoport partnership will enable Hotshot to benefit from many incentives, subsidies and beneficial tax treatment for its newly-launched European operations and sales.

Technoport® ltd. is a technology-oriented business incubator and business support infrastructure developed by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade.

The Hotshot mobile platform for employee communication uses zero-trust based time and location-based encryption technology, so businesses control where and when employees can exchange texts. And, employers can permanently claw-back past texts if an employee leaves the company.

Hotshot puts employers in control of mobile data, and minimizes labor law liability and customer data privacy exposure. In addition to off-the-clock wage violations related to texting off-hours, regulations in sectors like financial and healthcare, combined with GDPR, make Hotshot a timely, high-value solution.

Diego DeBiasio, CEO of Technoport SA said, “We are thrilled to have the Hotshot EU headquarters launch within Technoport here in Luxembourg. CEO Aaron Turner has developed a unique product with a time and location-based encrypted exchange platform to address a very hot need here in Europe. I look forward to work closer with him and his team to help make this his next big success.”

The global mission of Technoport® is to help and support individuals and small teams to validate and bridge their ideas to success through three platforms:

  • A business incubator to promote and support development of innovative tech companies in Luxembourg, with access to resources, services and infrastructure. The incubator hosts in average 25 companies and 1/3 of companies that left the incubator (31) have been acquired by foreign companies.
  • Co-working space with access to multidisciplinary communities of like-minded people to co-design and co-develop. This is done through physical space and events like Startupweekends, Apps Foundry Contests and more.
  • The FAB LAB, which supports global creativity, knowledge sharing, innovation and local manufacturing, and is part of a global network and program of digital fabrication laboratories initiated by the Center for Bits and Atoms of MIT.

Through these platforms Technoport® aims to achieve its goal to foster creativity and innovative activities in Luxembourg by combining tailored-made services with networks and communities of doers, infrastructures and a professional business environment.

Aaron Turner, CEO of Hotshot said, “Our team is proud to partner with the Government of Luxembourg and Technoport, and to announce our first EU offices in Luxembourg today from the Post-GDPR Future of Data Protection event in Berlin, Germany, on the heels of our first round of funding, and consistently positive market feedback both in North America and the EU.”

About Hotshot®
Hotshot® is a fast, easy-to-use platform for team messaging that is secure and compliant with labor laws and regulatory requirements. It empowers employees to harness speed, convenience and efficiency of texting while reducing employer liability concerning both privacy and security.  Designed by an international team of regulatory compliance and security technology experts, Hotshot uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect data wherever it may be and whenever it is needed.

Photo Credit: greenplasticamy Flickr via Compfight cc