ProtectWise™ Offers Security Predictions for 2019



 FULL ARTICLE: ProtectWise™ Security Predictions for 2019



A new year is right around the corner and that means companies all over the country are working to finalize security budgets and get systems in place to protect against the inevitable onslaught of cyberattacks. But just as in year’s past, one of the biggest challenges companies face is how to deal with the unknown.

In an effort to educate the industry, security experts from ProtectWise have compiled a list of trends and predictions that they see as a priority in the coming year.

Top predictions include:

  1. Public supply chain attacks will continue to climb, becoming much more common against small and large organizations alike.
  2. Incidents occurring from unknown attack surfaces due to IoT and BYOD will increase.
  3. Network Detection and Response (NDR) will create a more in-depth detection monitoring, response and hunting ecosystem.
  4. Security teams will shift to prioritizing cloud-delivered security solutions over traditional appliance-based point products.
  5. Security concerns will increasingly be consolidated under the CSO to increase operational efficiency and rationalize technology investment across the entire organization.
  6. SIEM will see early but serious disruption as security vendors introduce meaningful correlation capabilities and SOC automation.
  7. Talent shortages and hiring will continue to be the primary challenge for security teams.