Secure Channels Launches Encryption-as-a-Service Platform SCIFCOM featuring Secure Token Exchange, File Encryption and Send, Password Protection, and Secure Email Capabilities

Non-PKI Process Utilizes True Double-Blinded Key Distribution – Features XFA Mail Email Encryption Run by Patented XOTIC™ Crypto System

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 6, 2018 — Secure Channels Inc., a provider of innovative security solutions, announced today the launch of SCIFCOM (Secure Containment Information Facility) an as-a-service portal that features the strongest non-military encryption technology currently available to the public.

SCIFCOM delivers four new security services that include features for ultra-encrypting and transmitting large files, as well as a plug-in for Microsoft Office 365 that enables users to send and receive encrypted (“XFA E-Mail”) with complete privacy and the familiarity of standard MS Outlook email.  The SCIFCOM platform also provides developer tools that empower businesses to easily augment obsolete text-based passwords with a mathematically secure image-based login kit (“SUBROSA”).  SCIFCOM makes it simple to incorporate SUBROSA into any third party website, mobile app, or desktop client.

XFA E-Mail solves one of the most troublesome problems in the world today; the ability to send email safely while still remaining extremely simple to use. “We wanted to create something weightless that won’t impact the customer’s email experience,” said Michael Feinberg, Chief Information Officer of Secure Channels Inc.

Email “weightlessness” was achieved by stripping it down to the fundamentals and radically improving the very nature of what causes email to be security-challenged in the first place.

Most modern security systems rely on public-key / private-key (“PKI”) encryption and utilize digital certificates to guarantee security.  Pointing to the many high-profile email leaks that were never quite secure enough, SCIFCOM jumps ahead of the pack with its patented “Non-PKI” worldwide key exchange mechanism.  Harnessing the power of global public cloud infrastructure (“edge computing”), SCIFCOM is able to securely transmit encrypted information without the burden of managing complicated digital certificates.

At the core of Secure Channels technology strategy are two very unique patented encryption systems known as PKMS2 and XOTIC.  Both promise to be stronger than anything else in the consumer market by multiple orders of magnitude.  When a SCIFCOM user engages the “Encrypt a File” feature, they securely upload their data to the portal.  After uploading, they are presented the choice to select from standard AES-256 encryption, or the two more extreme levels of symmetric encryption protection.

PKMS2 enables 387-bit encryption that far surpasses the strength guarantees of AES-256, while still remaining in compliance with the rigid standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and FIPS-140 regulations.

SCIFCOM invites users to push the envelope of speed and strength with the XOTIC encryption system, a cutting-edge quantum-resistant cipher that enables users to secure their data up to an incredible 65,568-bit level.  XOTIC utilizes a rare One-Time Pad (OTP)-style of symmetric encryption that is currently undergoing cryptanalysis by several the world’s top cryptologists in the United States and in Switzerland.  Secure Channels intends to publish the related mathematical proofs and white paper at the end of year.

Doubling down on the promise of secure data transmissions, SCIFCOM incorporates leading-edge facial recognition technology to guarantee the authenticity of all senders and receivers of encrypted transmissions.  If Alice is sending something to Bob, how does Bob know that the sender is really Alice?  SCIFCOM proves “Alice is Alice” by digitally signing the transmission with Alice’s own facial features.

SCIFCOM provides light and fun animated explainer videos to quickly illustrate the various features of the platform while inviting users to jump right in and try it out for free.  Access to SCIFCOM features is based on a simple and pay-as-you-go model, an affordable and popular way to offer online services. A free version does not include the SUBROSA API and provides for a limited number of XFA Mail usages. An enterprise commercial-grade account is available as well as a Super User level that allows for the sending of multiple terabytes of encrypted files and links.

Whether its improving password protection through SUBROSA that segments a user’s image-based login credential into a 65,000-character passkey, or super-charging a standard Microsoft Outlook email client with the ability to avoid phishing scams, man-in-the-middle attacks, or even brute force hacking; SCIFCOM aims to provide its users with comprehensive protection.

“Encryption is difficult and expensive, so it’s not utilized by very many organizations,” said Richard Blech, Chief Executive Officer of Secure Channels Inc. “With SCIFCOM we built an as-a-service platform that’s exceedingly simple to use and provides users with multiple capabilities. These include secure email, password protection, send-a-file and encrypt-a-file features and our secure token exchange. We’re excited to offer our first encryption-as-a-service platform and expect rapid adoption from users due to our combined ease of use and the benefits of encrypted protection. ”

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