Huawei and STEALTHbits Jointly Launch NAS File Security Audit Solution to Protect Sensitive Data of Enterprises and Organizations

Hawthorne, NJ and Shanghai, China, October 17, 2018 – At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Huawei and STEALTHbits Technologies today jointly launched the Network-Attached Storage (NAS) File Security Audit Solution. The file activity-monitoring solution from STEALTHbits helps protect sensitive data and credentials of enterprises and organizations from being stolen and attacked.


At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Third-Party Plug-in Interface (TPPI) debuted as one type of storage Application Programming Interface (API) that supports applications like STEALTHbits. Together, TPPI and STEALTHbits integrate third-party file security auditing and other NAS file-system functions.

TPPI is a notification framework in Huawei’s storage development. It provides an important event-notification communication mechanism when files are accessed from a Server Message Block/Network File System (SMB/NFS) client. Using this enhanced notification framework, third-party developers can integrate their software with Huawei storage functions.

STEALTHbits also announced at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 that it will build partnerships with Huawei to integrate data monitoring and control into its industry-leading NAS File Security Audit Solution through storage APIs. Companies using Huawei OceanStor storage for mission-critical business and key data support can gain deeper visibility into access, use, and modification of records.

Terabytes of unstructured data stored on NAS devices are vulnerable targets for attackers to exploit. Security audits of these files and audits of business-critical data are key to protecting sensitive enterprise information, particularly within security departments.

With more than a decade of experience helping the world’s largest organizations protect their unstructured data, STEALTHbits works with Huawei and Huawei storage customers to evaluate how data is used, accessed, and modified based on reports. The NAS security audit function supported by Huawei OceanStor can simplify storage operations for enterprises and organizations, while meeting compliance requirements and ensuring better threat prevention.

“The proliferation of data and the increase in data breaches are causing organizations to adopt file analysis capabilities to better manage and secure their information,” said Steve Cochran, CEO of STEALTHbits Technologies. “This phase of integration gives Huawei customers the insight they need to determine who has access to that data on their devices and what they’re doing with that access. The next phase will deliver unsupervised machine learning to Huawei customers, allowing them to leverage leading technology advancements for automating the discovery of malicious or suspicious behavior including ransomware attacks.”

HUAWEI CONNECT is the largest ICT-focused event Huawei conducts each year. HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 themed as Activate Intelligence is being held from October 10 to 12 at the SWEECC and Expo Center, Shanghai. This year’s conference is designed to help all businesses and organizations cross the threshold to stake their claim in the intelligent world. Huawei will be joined by the best minds in the industry — including global ICT leaders, industry experts, and ecosystem partners — to chart the way forward and explore new opportunities. To learn more about the event, visit HUAWEI CONNECT 2018.


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About STEALTHbits

STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc. is a cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data. By removing inappropriate data access, enforcing security policy, and detecting advanced threats, STEALTHbits reduces security risk, fulfills compliance requirements, and decreases operations expense.


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