Allure Security Strengthens Data Loss Detection and Response Capabilities

Powerful new user interface automates Data Loss Sensor deployment; upgraded geofencing and telemetry provides more specific, actionable alerts

Allure Security, the industry’s first data loss detection and response company, has announced new enhancements to its award-winning technology, including an intelligent new user interface for deploying its patented Data Loss Sensors. The augmented capabilities of the Allure platform will enable faster deployments through automation and self-service, and improve the relevance of geofencing and telemetry to more easily identify and respond to actionable data loss alerts.

“Current enterprise security offerings to reduce data loss focus on prevention through monitoring endpoints or encrypting data. However, these approaches are easily bypassed via stolen credentials and rely too heavily on trusting employees to properly classify documents and apply access controls. According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 81% of breaches leverage stolen credentials,” said Salvatore J. Stolfo, co-founder and CTO of Allure Security. “Our approach leverages sophisticated geofencing and document telemetry technologies to alert users to data loss activity in real time, and initiate immediate response. And with our new, intelligent interface, our customers can deploy our Data Loss Sensors in minutes.”

Prevention alone won’t stop data loss, just as installing locks on doors and windows won’t keep determined burglars out of your home. Homeowners rely on alarm systems as a practical line of defense. Given the even greater complexity of our digital data, it’s clear that security teams should be putting alarms in these properties as well. Data Loss Sensors, which act as an alarm system with GPS for confidential data, are deployed directly where the data is stored to give security teams the visibility they lack. Allure distributes beaconized documents that blend into companies’ operational on-prem file systems and cloud file shares. Strategically placed with file names that are proven to be of interest to today’s attackers, these Data Loss Sensors alarm when they are searched and opened. Data Loss Sensors act as silent tripwires when malicious insiders or outside adversaries attempt to gain access to confidential data, and report geofence and telemetry data in real-time.

With the new enhancements, Allure Security customers have the power to:

  • Receive guidance on where to insert data loss sensors within the organization’s file folder structure based on automated evaluation of where the most sensitive and easily accessible data lives
  • Easily and quickly deploy Data Loss Sensors through an easy-to-use, intelligent interface that generates highly convincing file names to entice adversaries
  • Know in real-time when sensitive corporate data has left the hands of a trusted third party and travels outside of a defined perimeter
  • Create more specific alerts based on access and geolocation criteria, such as blacklisted countries
  • Take immediate action to stop or limit data loss and identify the would-be leaker or adversary

“Business leaders know that productivity is often prioritized over security, resulting in accidental or intentional data loss by trusted employees or third parties. Allure Security is built to eliminate these gaps in the enterprise security strategy,” said Mark Jaffe, chief executive officer of Allure Security. “The more powerful capabilities we’ve added to Allure’s platform help our customers better manage data security and third-party risk, without impeding the organization’s daily work.”