RSA 2018 Profile: Safe-T

Safe-T® is pioneering new approaches to software-defined access. Safe-T offers a solution to a traditionally vexing security policy issue of data access. Nearly every organization with any kind of formal security program has data access policies. How they are operationalized, however, can make a big difference in their practical effectiveness.

Safe-T addresses the data access policy challenge by masking data at the perimeter. Their solution keeps information assets safe by limiting access only to authorized and intended entities. Safe-T enables a user-by-user or role-based assignment of data access privileges. For example, User X gets “read only” access to data types A, B and C. User Y gets the ability to share, edit and delete data types A, B, C, D and E. This can work on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid cloud environments.

Eitan Bremler, Co-founder and VP Product at Safe-T

“We provide an access workflow that determines how each user can interact with data,” said Eitan Bremler, Co-founder and VP Product at Safe-T. “The solution integrates with storage solutions and other infrastructure elements.”

With this approach, Safe-T can enforce security policy while enhancing operational productivity, efficiency, security, and compliance. The solution protects organizations from data exfiltration, leakage, malware, ransomware, and fraud.

With Safe-T’s patented, multi-layer software-defined access, financial services, healthcare, utility companies and governments can secure their data, services, and networks from internal and external data threats.

The company announced a new patent on its at RSA 2018 on its Reverse-Access Technology. Safe-T’s Reverse-Access is a dual server technology, which removes the need to open any inbound ports within a firewall while allowing secure application access between networks. The patent is expected to help Safe-T maintain its position in the market, as well as bolster global commercial efforts.

“We are thrilled to continue to strengthen Safe-T’s intellectual property portfolio with this latest patent for our Reverse-Access Technology,” said Safe-T CEO Shachar Daniel. “This is an innovative technology that is a core component of our software defined perimeter offering, and the patent both protects and recognizes the uniqueness of the solution.”

The Reverse-Access Technology provides Safe-T’s customer with secure application access to the widest range of services on the market today – Web, WebDAV, RDP, SSH, SFTP, NTFS, proprietary TCP based applications, and more. It allows securing various use cases:

  •          Secure application access
  •          Logical network segmentation
  •          Cloud to ground connectivity

The Reverse-Access Technology is based on two access components:

  •          Access Gateway, installed in the cloud/DMZ/external/unsecured segment
  •          Access Controller, installed in the internal/secured segment.

The Access Gateway is a front-end to all services/applications published to the Internet. It ensures that only legitimate session data can pass through into the internal service. The Access gateway performs TCP offloading, allowing it to support any TCP based application without the need to perform SSL decryption.

The Access Controller pulls the session data from the Access Gateway, performs layer 7 proxy functionality (SSL offloading, URL rewrite, authentication, and more), and only if the session is legitimate, it is passed to the destination application server.

Benefits of Safe-T’s Reverse-Access technology include:

  • Client-less and VPN-less application access
  • Access to applications/services without opening incoming ports in the firewall
  • Support any TCP based application
  • Supports human, application and IOT device access
  • Bi-directional traffic is handled on outbound connections from the LAN to the outside world
  • Logically segmented networks

Safe-T wholly owned subsidiary of Safe-T Group Ltd. (TASE: SAFE).  They are based in Herzliya Israel.